Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blue Shoe by Anne Lamott

Rather blah and scattered 4/10

From the flap-

"Mattie Ryder is a marvelously funny, well-intentioned, religious, sarcastic, tender, angry, and broke recently divorced mother of two young children. Then she finds a small rubber blue shoe-the kind you might get from a gumball machine-and a few other trifles that were left years ago in her deceased father's car. They seem to hold the secrets to her messy upbringing, and as she and her brother follow these clues to uncover the mystery of their past, she begins to open her heart to her difficult, brittle mother and the father she thought she knew. And with that acceptance comes an opening up to the possibilities of romantic love. In a disarming blend of everyday life and the sublime, of reverence and irreverence, and of humor and grace."

This was a hard book for me to get through, it was just a little on the scattered side for my taste and for all the shuffling around it still seemed to drag and be on the blah side of the fence.


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